Take Action to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

The People Skills Handbook is designed to help you become more effective and fulfilled.

Leadership Skills

Use the People Skills Handbook as your guide to become a better leader

Relationship Skills

Build and maintain successful relationships by developing your emotional intelligence.

Take Action to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

The People Skills Handbook is designed to help you become more effective and fulfilled.

The most complete look at people skills you will ever find.

Did you know that 95% of measured behaviors that produce leadership effectiveness are related to emotional intelligence? In fact, the single greatest factor in personal happiness is the quality of relationships enhanced through emotional intelligence. Furthermore, every study that analyzes team effectiveness or high performing groups discovers that emotional intelligence is the standout difference between effectiveness and failure.

Leadership Skills

Boost your leadership skills with the strategies and tools outlined in the People Skills Handbook.

Relationship Skills

Enrich your relationship skills and widen your opportunities with the ideas and suggestions in the People Skills Handbook.

Emotional Intelligence Training

Make emotional intelligence training part of your path to success.
EQ Skills

Used throughout the world, the People Skills Handbook offers:

Specific information on how to improve your emotional intelligence
Action tips on the areas you need to further develop
Resource suggestions to help you gain a deeper understanding of your emotional intelligence
Learning activities to integrate your emotional intelligence insights into your daily habits
Applications for using emotional intelligence competencies in all areas of your life
Divided into three distinctive parts, each builds on your knowledge of emotional intelligence, providing a fuller understanding of people skills, how to put these ideas into your personal action plan, and introducing you to specific toolboxes to help you apply all 54 of the EQ competencies. The library of EQ competencies is grouped into self-awareness, self-regulation, and relating with others.


EQ Sort cards allow individuals to prioritize competencies and create profiles that align with the needs of the situation.

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PeopleSkills 360 is based on the alignment profile, measuring just those competencies that are relevant.

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Placemats with the library and developmental guidance.

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People Skills Handbook: Action Tips for Improving Your Emotional Intelligence gives full a competency background and key action learning tips.

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Action Tips for Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

The People Skills Handbook is the most complete look at people skills you will find, and you can enrich all aspects of your life simply by putting the ideas and suggestions you find in this book into action. Purchase your copy of the People Skills Handbook or related training materials, including the People Skills Card Deck and Interpretative Road Maps, today.


“The learning tips have made my leadership development possible. I wish I had started working on listening and patience years ago. I now know what I need to do.”

Gary Williams

“I have never found a more complete and helpful book on how to build my people skills!”

John Ayers, Brookstone Institute

“I keep the book on my desk for ease of reference and for sharing with others.”

Angelica Connelly

“We did the card sort to identify what is important and build an entire leadership development program from the findings.”

John Ayers

“Each page provided new ideas and resources to help me clarify how to improve my relationships at work and at home.”

Erica Kowaski

“It is a really big book but it covers a very important and essential part of life. If only other things had such a useful and thorough handbook to help.”

Larson Jackson

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