AlignKnowing where you want to go— either as an individual or an organization—is vital for making the most effective use of the EQ library of competencies. For example, do you want to personally become more effective or develop particular behaviors in others in any of these roles?

  • Customer Services Manager
  • Customer Services Representative
  • Team Lead for a Product Launch
  • Leader in an Engineering or Science-Based Organization
  • Manager in a Marketing Organization

Evidence gathered through thousands of samples of the People Skills 360 surveys has shown that different competencies must be accentuated to become more effective in a given role.

The same can be said about teams, departments, or organizations that want to align various competencies to key outcomes. For example, do we want an organization which fosters diversity and inclusion? If so, careful attention needs to be given to the desired outcomes and linking those to the appropriate EQ competencies.

The TOOL that individuals, coaches, talent managers, and development specialists use is the People Skills Sorting Cards. Each competency has the list of talented behaviors on one side and unskilled behaviors on the other. Completed with sorting divider cards and a sorting guidebook, facilitators use the sorting cards and help individuals or groups connect the dots between where they want to go and the behaviors to get there.

The sorting cards allow for an alignment of needs or goals and behaviors.

Importantly, a profile can be developed and used for setting up an appropriate assessment of those key competencies through the People Skills 360 survey.

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EQ Sort cards allow individuals to prioritize competencies and create profiles that align with the needs of the situation.

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PeopleSkills 360 is based on the alignment profile, measuring just those competencies that are relevant.

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Placemats with the library and developmental guidance.

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People Skills Handbook: Action Tips for Improving Your Emotional Intelligence gives full a competency background and key action learning tips.

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