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Master your emotional intelligence with our research-based handbook and tools.

Your emotional intelligence is integral to your success as an employee, co-worker, leader, partner, friend, and in nearly every other role you fulfill because it can affect your wellbeing, career opportunities, performance, and ability to build and maintain satisfying relationships. The People Skills Handbook is an excellent basis for emotional intelligence training, and it can help you develop 54 different EQ competencies that contribute to personal and professional success.

Emotional Intelligence Training

Along with the People Skills Handbook, other emotional intelligence training tools you can use in conjunction with this comprehensive handbook include:

  • People Skills Competency Cards—These cards cover the 54 EQ competencies to help facilitate coaching or training meetings. You can sort for job profiles or for personal development discussions.
  • People Skills 360—You and your colleagues can learn how others perceive your use of the EQ competencies that matter in your workplace. You can use this on an individual basis or implement it as part of larger emotional intelligence training program.
  • People Skills Development and Planning Road Maps—These diagnostic maps visually show you the library of the 54 EQ competencies, the layout of the developmental experiences needed to further learning related to each competency, and more.

These emotional intelligence training tools, as well as the People Skills Handbook, integrate the most seminal research and best practices, thanks to the combined efforts of four separate authors with experience working at the Center for Creative Leadership, Fortune 200 companies, and government agencies. Discover the power that comes from emotional intelligence trainingorder your copy of the People Skills Handbook today.