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Build and maintain successful relationships by developing your emotional intelligence.

Everyone has different personalities, wants and needs, and ways of showing emotion. Navigating through your emotions and reading other people effectively takes tact and skill, which is where emotional intelligence comes into play.

Relationship Skills

Emotional intelligence is your ability to recognize your emotions, understand what they are telling you, and know how these emotions affect those around you. It also involves how you perceive others – when you understand how others feel, you can manage your relationships more effectively.

Build greater emotional awareness and enhance your relationship skills by using the thoughts and ideas outlined in the People Skills Handbook. Every chapter builds on the one before it, guiding you through each of the EQ competencies that can help you enhance your relationship skills and improve your relationships with friends, co-workers, employees, family members, and more. For example, chapter 1 of part one reveals why you should read the People Skills Handbook, chapter 2 goes into what exactly emotional intelligence is, and chapter 3 covers how you can enhance your learning skills to become more emotionally intelligent.

At EQ, we built the People Skills Handbook on research studies that provide practical guidance for “what you need to do when” in regard to managing your emotional intelligence and building your relationship skills. The expertise and experience of the four co-authors provides the most comprehensive look at EQ competencies yet.

Become more effective at building long-lasting, productive relationships by using the tools, ideas, and supplemental materials offered in the People Skills Handbook. Buy your copy today and make improved emotional intelligence your pathway to enhanced personal and professional relationships. You may purchase EQ support materials in our bookstore.