Starting, modifying, and stopping behaviors can be challenging. Usually starting and stopping means you have to identify barriers and work robustly with the desired change.

“Emotional intelligence is the set of people skills that enhance self-awareness, self-regulation and relating with others to enrich well-being.” The chart below shows how our library of 54 EQ Competencies are comprehensive, interrelated, and clustered.”

Development is sometimes approached more cleanly when an individual knows the source of a competency in everyday life. Sometimes an individual needs to know about research related to a competency that may receive some attention.


Everyone, though, who is eager to grow can use pragmatic action tips. And in the People Skills Handbook, learners get all of the above and especially action tips—exactly what you can do now to move forward on a particular behavior.

The People Skills Handbook: Action Tips for Improving Your Emotional Intelligence has three main parts. Part 1 provides an overview of EQ and the associated elements of EQ. Part 2 covers the details of the 54 competencies along with action tips for each one. Part 3 has tool boxes linking the 54 EQ Competencies to an array of challenges.

Purchased and used by thousands for their own personal development, the handbook was not used as part of a larger system. These individuals simply are growth-minded people, and they know they want to enrich their relationships and well-being. And some organizations use the whole system from gaining alignment by creating action profiles (sort cards), measuring the relative presence and use of specific behavior (People Skills 360), deeply analyzing next steps, and using the handbook to get to deep EQ development.

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EQ Sort cards allow individuals to prioritize competencies and create profiles that align with the needs of the situation.

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PeopleSkills 360 is based on the alignment profile, measuring just those competencies that are relevant.

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Placemats with the library and developmental guidance.

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People Skills Handbook: Action Tips for Improving Your Emotional Intelligence gives full a competency background and key action learning tips.

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