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Develop great people skills by working on your emotional intelligence.

Emotions are a big part of your life every day. Though you may not think about emotional intelligence specifically very often, you use it and apply it nearly every moment of your life. Your capacity to effectively employ healthy emotional intelligence can help you develop and maintain meaningful, strong, and honest relationships with friends, family, and coworkers. Our goal when we wrote and developed The People Skills Handbook was to help you develop your emotional intelligence and ultimately, improve your people skills.

Emotional Intelligence

By improving your emotional intelligence, you enhance your capacity to understand yourself and what motivates you internally. Chances are that the most emotionally intelligent people you know and interact with can quickly examine their intentions and behaviors, identifying how they impact others. With some personal reflection and the strategies included in The People Skills Handbook, you can boost your emotional intelligence and use your EQ dozens of times every day.

How does this happen? By developing your emotional intelligence, you become more self-aware. Self-awareness is the cornerstone of effective EQ and describes why you do what you do and how it affects others. Our strategies also help you control your behaviors and emotions. Although self-awareness helps you understand how you feel, self-control lets you convert emotional outbursts and unwanted behavior into helpful emotional expressions and positive habits.

Move forward with your goals to improve your emotional intelligence and enhance your relationships by exploring our resources at EQ Skills.com and purchasing The People Skills Handbook. Your journey to improved emotional intelligence and better human relationships starts now!