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Emotional intelligence is the foundation of personal and professional success. Better understanding your emotions and managing them is the pathway to enhanced performance and greater emotional intelligence. There is no escaping the fact that emotions are a key part of your personal and professional life, and how you use this emotional energy directly impacts your effectiveness as a partner, parent, colleague, friend, professional, leader, and more.

the People Skills Handbook is a great starting point for developing greater emotional intelligence

Your EQ, or intelligence quotient, is indicative of how emotionally smart you are, and you can build and improve upon your emotional intelligence level by implementing the tools and ideas included in the People Skills Handbook in your daily life. The frameworks outlined in this first-of-its-kind handbook focus on your awareness of your emotions, how you manage them, and how you work with the emotions of others. Combined, these produce certain personal and social behaviors that contribute to your ability to lead, maintain relationships, feel fulfilled, etc.

We have integrated the skills and behaviors that make up emotional intelligence into 54 EQ competencies and outlined them in Part 2 of our handbook. Our desire is for you to use the People Skills Handbook as a comprehensive, practical guide, whether you want to become more effectively personally or professionally. The competencies and perspectives provided in every section will help you every step of the way, providing practical guidance for “what you need to do when.”

This book is a beginning, not a destination, but the People Skills Handbook is a great starting point for developing greater emotional intelligence. Purchase your copy today and learn how to better understand and manage your emotions. Go to the bookstore to make you purchase.