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EQ competencies are interdependentWhen a plan comes altogether, it can be a beautiful thing.  The more steps involved in completing the project, the more satisfying it can be when you reach its conclusion. Taking careful consideration with each step is critical to getting the final results you expect because each part has to work together properly. The same is true for putting emotional intelligence (EQ) competencies to work for you. Since EQ competencies are interdependent, they don’t stand alone. Although you may work on developing one at a time, it is important that your EQ action plan take into consideration that the 54 EQ competencies work best when applied together.

In the People Skills Handbook, Chapter 5 deals with EQ competencies and clusters to bring everything together. Instead of looking at single EQ competencies, at this point you are considering how the 54 EQ competencies fall into three large arenas of behavior: awareness of self, self-regulation, and relating to and working well with others. By learning how the EQ competencies have a relationship with one another, you’ll be able to more effectively develop your EQ action plan.

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