Toolboxes: The Tools for Applying EQ Competencies

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There are two important aspects of making a home repair: having the toolbox with appropriate tools for the job and knowing how to use those tools. It is well and good to read through the list of 54 EQ competencies, but if you do not investigate the tools for applying them to your life, they are no better than a forgotten toolbox left out in the garage gathering dust. While learning what the EQ competencies are is an important first step (such as going to the store to purchase the toolbox and tools in the first place), you must also learn how to use them by understanding career stallers, interpersonal problems, personal and work challenges, and other roadblocks and how creating and following an EQ action plan dusts those tools off and uses them.

tools for applying EQ competencies

Understanding what emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) is and why it matters begins you on a journey that can make you a better leader and more effective team member, and provide more happiness in your personal relationships. It isn’t an overnight process, as you don’t delve into the 54 EQ competencies all at once. Instead, you work on one primary competency at a time and integrate new behaviors into your life, and then move on to develop your next EQ enhancement. It is up to you which path you take to reach your emotional best based on your immediate and long-term goals.

At EQ Skills, our People Skills Handbook gives you the information you need and the tools for applying EQ competencies. Our passion is helping people have better relationships, improve their health, and enhance communities. Contact us today with any questions you might have about EQ competencies and their role in personal and work relationships.