What Is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

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When something doesn’t go as planned, we can often see after the fact how emotions could have played a role. Tempers flare, rationality goes out the window, and retreating to separate spaces without a resolution are common during conflicts. If you have ever noticed how one person can seemingly remain calm despite the storm and another “flies off the handle” in moments, you already have an understanding about how emotional intelligence factors in. You just didn’t know there was a word for being able to regulate one’s own emotions when necessary and being able to help others around you do the same.

Emotional intelligence is a set of abilities

Emotional intelligence is a set of abilities that, when developed and combined, can help you better face frustrations, control impulses, regulate your mood, feel hope, empathize with others and situations, delay gratification, and keep distress from curtailing your ability to think. When you examine and develop emotional intelligence, you are learning to better examine your behaviors and yourself. The end result is that you will be the kind of person who others enjoy being around, and you’ll be more effective as a leader and with navigating the emotional world around you.

At EQ Skills, our People Skills Handbook takes the concept of emotional intelligence and utilizes it so you can become your emotional best. We wrote this book to help you become more effective in all your interpersonal dealings – both personal and professional. You experience emotional intelligence in your day-to-day activities, and you may have found that you have great days and then ones where your emotions haven’t been as positive. Let us help you have far more good days and reach your full potential. Contact us today with any questions you might have about how developing your emotional intelligence can help your personal and professional relationships.