Investing the Most Precious Resource

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Investing the Most Precious ResourceThe single most precious—because it is non-renewable—resource each individual has is time.

How you invest your time matters. All investments of resources have outcomes. If you invest your time sharing gossip, you know less and less about those around you. If you invest your time perseverating over an error or mistake, you do less and less to improve skill to prevent the mistake in the future. If you invest in learning, whether it pays off today or tomorrow isn’t important—it will pay off in the long-term because a lesson learned is a lifetime asset.

Consider the following investments of time to deepen and extend the following skills.

  • If you develop adaptivity and flexibility, you gain less stress and greater agility.
  • If you develop assertiveness and compassion, you gain the respect of others.
  • If you develop conflict management effectiveness, you elevate the positive energy of those around you.
  • If you enrich your creativity, you facilitate joy, discovery, and innovation.
  • If you become actively empathetic, you strengthen relationships.
  • If you develop intentionality and mindfulness, you boost your health and inspire personal responsibility of others.
  • If you enrich your openness to others and optimism, you identify talents and resources in others that you have ignored.
  • If you learn to reframe and do reality testing, you transform situations for yourself and others.
  • If you develop greater resilience and stamina, you are healthier and more capable of leading in challenging times.
  • If you strengthen tolerance and understanding of others, you dramatically increase your capacities to work with others.

All of these returns and outcomes are available to you through zeroing in on the EQ competencies that help you achieve the kind of well-being and healthy relationships at home and at work you seek. Following the action tips in the People Skills Handbook gets you where you want to be quicker. With the People Skills 360, you can identify those skills that can make the difference to you now.