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Jolanda had reflected on the most meaningful and important managerial relationships in her career.  She was a new manager and she wanted to really to start off on a best path of working with others, especially others whose expertise surpassed hers.  It was clear to her that the most useful managers in her past paid attention to their interactions with others and always communicated with a positive spirit, even in trivial things.  She thought about the times her manager asked her about family as they walked down the hall, or how simple interactions had an aspirational question or observation.  These micro interactions really added up to building trust and social capital.  She liked these lessons and thought about how to polish her own micro interactions, so she explored the following chapters in the People Skills Handbook:

(5) Compassion

(11) Emotional Expression

(15) Active Empathy

(21) Initiative

Micro interactions

(24) Intentionality

(27) Listening Generously

(31) Optimism

(36) Reframing

(41) Self-Awareness

(45) Situational Awareness

(53) Trustworthy

(54) Understanding Others