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Who would pay $5500 for a weekend class? Recently, 24 executives did. What did they take? A weekend version of Stanford’s wildly popular course for the past 50 years–Organizational Behavior 374: Interpersonal Dynamics.”  Others call it “Touchy Feely.” It is basically a course on emotional intelligence or “people skills.” Topics include effective communication, building relationships and self-awareness. Taking risks and being vulnerable are part of it.

It was optional for MBA students, but 95% of them enrolled. Recently Stanford made the weekend version of this course available to non-MBAs—for $5500 a person. The demand for soft skills has been growing, especially in fields where technology prevails. Stanford, in the heart of Silicon Valley, recognized that its “touchy feely” course had value to a broader audience. A week-long version is coming for $16,000.

To succeed today, employers are looking for evidence of both technical and interpersonal skills—reflecting your rational and analytical left brain and your intuitive, innovative and relational right brain.

Depending on how you calculate it, you could save $5450 or $15,950 with People Skills Handbook, Action Tips for Improving Your Emotional Intelligence. It is like a coach in a book. You get a lot of the same information about emotional intelligence, maybe more. And you get information on how to use the information to develop your emotional intelligence at your own pace.

For example, how can you get the feedback you need to grow and change in ways that lead to success at your job and in your personal life? Without feedback you risk having blind spots that keep you in the dark. I cannot count the times coaching clients have said to me, “I just wish I had gotten this feedback earlier in my career.” Some quick strategies: 1. Speculate what you could improve that would make you more effective. 2 Create 2-3 questions for those around you to help you become more self-aware. Some options: What could I do more of? Less of? Stop doing? Start doing? My personal favorite: “What could I do differently that would improve my effectiveness?”

For more strategies to develop your emotional intelligence, invest in People Skills Handbook, Tips for Developing Your Emotional Intelligence.