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Home in on your emotional intelligence to become a more effective leader.

When you think of the qualities of an effective leader, traits like charisma, confidence, integrity, and courage may come to mind. Although these qualities do matter, the large majority of measured behaviors that produce leadership effectiveness all tie back to emotional intelligence.

Leadership Training Courses

Your emotional intelligence matters, and if you want to become a better, more effective leader, the People Skills Handbook and its ideas, methodologies, and tactics are the place to start. This book, developed by four leading authors in their fields, outlines the 54 EQ competencies needed to boost emotional intelligence and become a better leader because of it.

Stemming from the content included in the People Skills Handbook, at EQ Skills.com, we have developed several leadership training courses designed to help you as an individual or your management team thrive within leadership roles. These leadership training courses include:

  • People Skills Programs—These programs are designed to meet the specific needs of your organization and are integrated with proven assessment and training learning activities. Delivered at the location that allows maximum impact, each program is built to the learners’ specific needs.
  • Training & Facilitation—Custom designed and competency based, these workshops and retreats focus on People Skills Competencies, team building, leadership effectiveness, and talent development.
  • E-Learning Skill Building—These custom-designed e-learning programs can be hosted on our site, giving you and your associates specific access. Every module focuses on a specific leadership skill and how to use the behavior more effectively.

Contact us to discuss our leadership training courses in further detail and how we can customize them to your needs as an individual or organization. We will offer a variety of web-based e-learning programs.