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People Skills Card Deck


The People Skills Card Deck contains the following:

54 EQ Competency Cards with Talented and Unskilled behaviors listed
37 sort cards allowing for multiple forms of card groupings such as degrees to talented, use, or need.
2 library cards that list all of the sort cards and the competency cards
card case for protecting and maintaining the cards for long term use

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Align needs and opportunities with the People Skills 54 Competency Card Sorting Deck.

Each of the 54 People Skills Competencies are provided with a wide array of sort card options (i.e., Mission Critical, Important, Nice to Have, Talented, Skilled, Not Skilled, etc.).  With the cards you can:

  • Have individuals sort to identify strengths and developmental opportunities
  • Have groups create job or position profiles to identify the mission critical EQ competencies in leading and working with others
  • Use the card deck as a dialogue tool for either individual, team, or work group discovery