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People Skills Handbook

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Action Tips for Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

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Develop EQ competencies by following the action tips in the People Skills Handbook.

Designed as a guide to inform, enhance, and accelerate EQ perspectives and behaviors, the People Skills Handbook: Action Tips for Improving Your Emotional Intelligence cover the following:

  • Part 1 covers the nature of EQ, the science behind EQ, and key frameworks for learning and developing EQ skills.
  • Part 2 provides a detail description, context, uses, resources, and action tips associated with each of the 54 EQ competencies.
  • Part 3 gives toolboxes designed to link everyday challenges and career related feedback to each of the 54 EQ competencies.

Intended as a comprehensive guide for examining the 54 EQ competencies, the People Skills Handbook is a reference source for coaching others, working with teams, and personal enrichment.

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Mark Hale
This book has proven to be invaluable to the work of our leadership team. Each topic is well researched, easy to understand and there are helpful suggestions as to how to apply them in our daily interactions with others and in our team meetings. Our organization has benefited tremendously in both human interactions and decision making since we began using the People Skills Handbook.