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PeopleSkills 360 Assessment


Action Tips for Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

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Measure the People Skills that matter with the People Skills 360 multi-rater assessment.

Individuals, teams, or work groups use the People Skills 360 assessment to discern which of the EQ competencies are being used effectively and which are mission critical but need attention.  Of special importance with the People Skills 360 tool:

  • Any sub-set of the 54 competencies can be selected, though it is strongly recommended to use no less than 18 of the competencies in order to get an appropriate range of data.
  • The perceptions of the Boss, Peers, Direct Reports, and Others enables each individual to get the most accurate measure of how the selected EQ competencies demonstrated and what their relative importance is to the effectiveness of the individual.
  • Each report includes graphs and charts of all of the data, inclusive of written comments.

Note that we provide for training individuals to be Qualified Users of the tool for companies and enterprises implementing EQ as part of their leadership development.  Also, we can arrange for groups to complete the 360 assessment