Products for the People Skills EQ System

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People Skills Card Deck

People Skills Handbook

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People Skills Placemat

$45.00 ea. (10 copies per pack)
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People Skills 360 Assessment

Additional EQ Support

Three easy to use booklets have been designed to help individuals and professionals introduce the topic of Emotional Intelligence in a dynamic way.  Fundamental to Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify and understand emotions and how they affect our lives.  Each booklet covers the basic emotions and has selected exercises to promote a deeper understanding of the information in emotions.

Understanding Emotions—covers the fundamentals of how to understand and use the information in emotions.

Emotions and Health—links the key emotions and health issues with tips and tactics to leverage emotional energies.

Emotions and Leadership—maps the key emotions to the known competencies of emotional intelligence and leadership behavior.

 $6.50 per single copy, $60 for packet of 10